Punch’d Energy

About This Project

About This Project

What is Punch’d Energy? They are Natural Caffeine Gummies! It’s a whole new way to power up. A new category of energy products that doesn’t fit the current system of artificially sweetened, gigantic over-sugared drinks and shots. Punch’d delivers ‘clean caffeine’ at its finest, infused into real fruit and shrunk down into a pocket-sized traveler pack.

Why Punch’d Energy? If you’re looking to shave off calories from your day, or just looking to eat healthier, Punch’d is a perfect alternative to some of the other things you may be consuming. Punch’d is not only a sweet caffeine treat, it’s also a natural fat burner with health benefits.

Who can benefit? Everyone*. You don’t have to be a supermodel or an extreme athlete to reap the benefits of Punch’d, but if you are, Hello!

Pinstripes has had a passion-based affiliation with Punch’d for years now – mostly based on the energy from with the first connective call with the founder and patent holder, a true Caffeine Cognoscenti, JohnnyP. Contributions over the years have included packet content, strategic relationships, retail placement and integration into the use by professional athletes – including an NFL Athletic Trainer who tried them and said “we’re gonna load up”. Well, it’s a good thing these gummies now come in a jar!

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They are an Amazon’s Choice product and help to power the mighty Pinstripes Media.

Learn more about them and get yourself Punch’d! www.punchdenergy.com

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