CleanAirTek, Inc.

About This Project

About This Project

CleanAirTek emerged from almost five (5) years of Research & Development to offer a fully-functioning Air Purifier Mask (APM) that is designed to comfortably fit on the wearer’s face and utilize HEPA filters for air filtering. The APM runs for more than three hours with just two AA batteries, or all-day with a power bank, and is designed for long-term and repetitive use with regular cleaning and regular filter replacement.

The original concept years ago was to develop a product that helps those who are sensitive to ‘poor air quality’ conditions (that includes pollen and ozone) and for the medical community. Who knew that a global pandemic would coincide with the availability of the mask?!? CleanAirTek’s APM has received high marks by consumers and from medical professionals for keeping them safe and comfortable in their environments.

Pinstripes is engaged with CleanAirTek as the agency-of-record for advising on retail messaging, website content, creating and posting on social media, creating strategic relationships, engaging on customer interactions and inquiries; and even appearing in some imagery!

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