30 Minutes of Everything

About This Project

About This Project

Voted ‘Best of the Hudson Valley’, the 30 Minutes of Everything® program is an eight week program based on movement progression. Each class builds on the previous, which is why participation is required from the start of week one. Over the course of the eight week program, it gets more challenging as you get more fit. Coaches progress you through functional movement patterns based on your current fitness level. While it is a group class, every one moves at their own pace – always.

Tanya Miszko’s 30 Minutes of Everything…I could go on and on and on about how special of a place Tanya has created for empowering those in her community and I wouldn’t be able to come close to covering ‘everything’. Tanya empowers her members for not only ‘real-life-strength’ with her exercise routines but also for mental toughness, awareness and humor through her daily postings on social media where she shares “of herself and her life experiences” to complement a motivating thought or quote.

Pinstripes proudly supports Tanya by developing the creative for the daily social media cubes (follow up 30MoE on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and offering advertising/marketing support in any every way requested that supports her success. Having known Tanya since high school, it’s a unique passion and energy of knowing and understanding ‘who’ she is and what she wants her members to achieve and experience during their time.

It’s with this in mind, that I initiated the thought of re-creating the ‘circle’ around her logo to truly reflect the mission of her studio. When launching in 2011, the circle appropriately consisted of: full body workout, cardio, aerobic, toning, agility, strength training. yoga, endurance, power, pilates, kickboxing, flexibility and balance.

Over time, it transformed into becoming so much more, and the suggestion was made to re-create the circle to reflect her more current goals for what she wants members to know: Strengthen Your Body, Empower Your Mind, Nurture Your Soul.

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Learn more about 30 Minutes of Everything, it’s turning 10 years old this year! www.30MinutesofEverything.com 

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