By visualizing your success, you are further empowering yourself to achieve your goals.

It’s powerful.

And it isn’t just visualizing crossing the finish line, celebrating with teammates, closing the sale or finishing the keynote speech to thunderous applause. That is critical, but don’t forget to visualize the smaller steps and ‘success milestones’ that will help you to realize those moments.

An Olympic athlete spends countless hours training, athletes participating in every sport and at every level have to focus on their skillset to be ready for when the big moments arise – and they will. A musician typically doesn’t write a song and lyrics all at once. In business, you have a business plan. That is on paper and serves as an excellent reminder of your company mission. The every day motivation is in your mind – and your mind loves pictures and video – so don’t forget to focus on the process.

A boxer obviously envisions him/her hand being raised in victory after a 12-round bout and handed a championship belt. But to get there, each round needs to be considered. And within each round, during the fight, the combinations and strategies need to be implemented – not to mention taking into account the ‘resistance’ you’ll face from the ‘opponent’. It’s during this time that you put all your trust in just achieving the step-by-step success milestones, putting the ultimate goal aside; since you’ll assuredly arrive there once you take care of the smaller steps of what you need to do during each round.

Visualize yourself doing what you want to do and being where you want to be – it supports you getting there; and you’ll feel it.

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