Don’t Worry About How Your Story Ends, Just Keep Writing It.

Don’t Worry About How Your Story Ends, Just Keep Writing It.

You always hear that the hardest thing to do is to get started; it could be true.

The hesitation can be attributed to some level of fear and doubt. Think about it, when you are fully focused and excited about doing something, you’re all-in and you get right to it.

When you don’t, when you hesitate, try to focus specifically on what part of the upcoming process you’re caught up on – that’s what is preventing you from getting out of the gate.

If it’s something that is down the line in terms of the process, then get going – you can worry about that later.

Do you know what is likely to happen? What you were worried about did not have to consume your mind space, create negative energy, or cause you to stagnate.

One of two things happened:

  1. Initiating the process took you on a path that didn’t require you to cross that bridge,
  2. The early experiences empowered you to deal with it.

It’s important to have a long-term plan but it’s more important to act. Pick up the proverbial pen, put your plan into action and start writing your story…it’s going to be an amazing journey –
you’ll make sure of that along the way.

— Brian Hoek

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